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Fuzz Lost Fuzz

Photos from Fuzz Lost Fuzz January 28 2011 by:
Dru Jones, Miles Martignoni x 2 and PaulThrethni.

41 Pardons - M Squared rare recordings - 1979 -1983

First digital release of some very rare post punk material from the M Squared label. Recorded between 1979 and 1983, these tracks were either given very limited cassette release or were unreleased prior to the intervention of German label Vinyl On Demand in 2009. Label head Frank Maier invited the original M Squared partners (Michael Tee, Mitch Jones, Patrick Gibson) and Shane Fahey from The Makers of The Dead Travel Fast to select tracks for a vinyl-only collectors edition box, Pardon me for barging in like this... With the assistance of Ascension Records the lovingly remastered material has now been repackaged for the turntable-deprived among us, in high quality digital formats. 2 x CDs housed in a cool miniature gatefold vinyl lp style cover with 8 page booklet.

Available from Ascension.

CD 1
Scattered Order
1 Tanks
2 Violent 4
3 Untitled
4 This is a song about love
5 Hold my cold hand
6 Because they are more difficult
7 Waiting for you to come home
Patrick Gibson
8 Modra Inara
9 When a Band of Men
10 Yellow Suit Weighing Machine
11 Swimming
12 New Zealand
13 I Needle the Oven!
14 Hydrobes
A Cloakroom Assembly
15 Tom Salted
16 Clock Tom Snare
17 Snare Grrr
18 Keeping Apprehension Time
19 Drolling Rolling
20 Tom Tom Tom
21 Over Head Whoop
22 The Airside
23 The Swing Box
24 Raft

CD 2
The Makers of The Dead Travel Fast
1 Jacinto
2 Urchin
3 Brooding Buffalo
4 Sea Heads Part 1
5 Sea Heads Part 2
6 Industrial Baby
The Systematics (Live)
7 Suicide Beach
8 Vanessa Teratology
9 Fat Cows Go Down An Eastern Beach
10 Die For My House
Height Dismay
11 Blood pressure in the sand
12 Jet Boy survives the fall
East End Butchers
13 The elephant freak
A Volatile T Shirt
14 Nautical engineering
Shane Fahey
15 A run for your parlour
16 Day glo
A Volatile T Shirt
17 Making babies in heaven

41 Pardons - 2011

41 Pardons - ANCD 037

Terrace Industry - M Squared Box 1980 - 1983

With the assistance of Ascension Records, M Squared have revisited their catalogue to compile their favourites into Terrace Industry an M Squared box set of 81 tracks over 4 CDs. Originally released on vinyl or cassette by the M Squared label between 1980 and 1983 the majority of these tracks now appear on CD for the very first time.

This completely remastered 30-year anniversary set includes tracks from Systematics, The Makers of The Dead Travel Fast, Scattered Order, Ya Ya Choral, A Cloakroom Assembly, Patrick Gibson, Prod, Pel Mel, Wild West, SoliPsiK, The Limp, Tame O’Mearas, Severed Heads, Height/Dismay, Belle du Soir, The Slugfuckers, The Same, Splendid Mess, Pleasant Peasants and The Barons.

The Dru Jones designed box also contains a 36 page booklet with label history, recollections from the bands involved and previously unpublished photos, plus a set of commemorative drink coasters.

Available from Ascension.

CD 1
1 Pulp Baby
2 Nuts to you
3 Product
4 Numbers In General
5 2,4,5,T
6 When I'm Older
7 Flowers On The Wall
8 Vanessa Teratology
9 Dinner's On The Table
10 Stuh Echipidah
11 Mmmm
12 Midnight On Balancing Day
13 Die For My House
14 International Voltage
15 Bovine
16 Fat Cows Go Down An Eastern Beach
17 BBD
Splendid Mess
18 NASA Secret Anzac
Patrick Gibson
19 Bland A
20 Church of England TV
21 Yeah OK
22 Catatonic

CD 2
The Makers of The Dead Travel Fast
1 Dead travel fast
2 Tael of a Saeghors
3 The Dumbwaiters
4 No Threat
5 Copper Hats
6 Lovers of Observatory Time
7 Speed
8 Twisting Toxic Forms
9 Fibrephone
10 Lumber
11 Sea Heads
12 We sway in our boats
13 Fighting Baboons
A Cloakroom Assembly
14 Fossil Crash Sleeping
15 Trace and Rumble
16 Trace and Tumble

CD 3
Scattered Order
1 Bent Up
2 I'm not whole
3 Pilot reads crosswords
4 The Learn Useless Knowing
5 Wronging Dogs with Ladders
6 Hold My Cold Hand
7 Heat
8 Personal Safety
9 Yellow Suit Weighing Machine
The Barons
10 Paint it Black
Height / Dismay
11 Girl from Ipanema
12 Mother's Footsteps
13 Picnic on the Nile
14 A brick short
15 Walkers Walk
16 n.w.o.b.
17 Coming Attractions
18 Fish Hook
19 See Saw
20 Chamber Musik
21 Zombod

CD 4
Ya Ya Choral
1 Waiting Time
2 Cowboys are Pt 2
3 No Control
4 Nonsense
5 Jolly Work
6 My friend the chocolate cake
7 You ruined my fun
8 God's Buzzsaw
Belle du Soir
9 Treasure Island
10 Ultramarine
Pel Mel
11 Click Click
Wild West
12 Pelican
The Limp
13 Pony Club
Tame O'Mearas
14 Curl Curl
No Night Sweats
15 Harry Wong's Cat
16 California Dreaming
The Same
17 Why
18 Dolphins ≠ Fish
Pleasant Peasants
19 Pussman Polka
Severed Heads
20 Eat Roland
21 Hello M Squared
M Squared
22 Hello Terse

Terrace Industry - 2010

Terrace Industry - ANCD 036