M Squared

Independent Record Label - Sydney Australia

41 Pardons - 2011

41 Pardons - M Squared rare recordings 1979 - 1983 - Details NEWS

Terrace Industry - 2010

Terrace Industry - M Squared Box 1980 - 1983 - details NEWS

This is the website for the M Squared record label which was run from a small recording studio in Sydney, Australia between 1979 and 1984. Bands who released material on the label include Systematics, The Makers of the Dead Travel Fast, Scattered Order and Ya Ya Choral.

"I think the music we release is brutally honest, brutally emotional....it's very vulnerable music" - Michael Tee, 1982

Here you will find a not overtly biased HISTORY of M Squared's brief 4 year existence.

New releases and current activities of the bands and the people involved can be found at NEWS.

Complete official M Squared DISCOGRAPHY of both vinyl and cassette releases. ...... If it is not on here it is not REAL ......

"All the content on this site has been authored by M Squared or their associates unless otherwise attributed. It is designed to be informative and factual, and where memory has not allowed, other sources have been used for purposes of verification. Aside from content where opinion is obviously expressed, the authors of this site will consider amending the text if it is proved inaccurate."   Mitch Jones May 2009